An Eye for Excellence

Who we are

Great Ideas come in threes... we are artists and art lovers in immense love for digital film more


to develop a digital theater for performing artist to explore their talent in a unique way through
our website. DFF is giving a sensible thought to whole world is a stage.


to motivate hidden talent in the field of performing art and enhance the same across digital audience. The purpose behind this contest is to nurture artistic skills and provide them opportunities to show their film making talent

What is it

DFF (Digital Film Fiesta) is a Digital theatre where performing artists may upload their short films to participate in contest. In and out process of this contest is supposed to be digital on


We are a “Dream Makers”....

We have a great opportunity for Short Film Makers to join us. Yes, we do need you to already own a camera. No, your Phone camera won't cut it. Go on, 'Shoot'


Our Journey

We are three with different fields of Different Professions different work places with one goal to achieve awesome experience of film making

Light. Camera. Action

Think Tank ... Great ideas from great people which will show us right way.. we ll show them here

Team DFF