About Us

Digital Film Fiesta…  We are a “Dream Makers”….
Whole word is a stage and whole stage is for your Short films. On DFF’s Digital Stage you can make your dream come true. Go crazy and create your own pocket film, Participate in Digital Film Fiesta & Build your own online fan followers.
Digital Film Fiesta is providing opportunities for Short Film Makers to explore their talent globally. The functioning of this festival is rolled digitally on this website. There is countless engrossment of Short Film Makers and viewers throughout the festival to popularize listed short film. Latterly, top films and categories would be awarded by DFF.


What kind of short film can I upload to take participate in DFF? A short film with 5 to 20 minutes duration on any relevant and trending topic can be a part of this festival. The short film must be in Marathi, Hindi or English in language (with English subtitle is ideal). The short film should be unique in all manners and shall never displayed anywhere before or after the festival.
How to register for the festival? On DFF’s website you can feel registration form to get entry for the festival. Submit all necessary information with entry fees and create your Username password as a part of Participant registration.

Can I register as a volunteer?

Anyone who’s keen interest in to promote can become volunteer for DFF. Volunteers are appointed from all Schools, Colleges, and Film & Acting institutes. Volunteers are supposed to work on spread awareness and get more entries/ short films to the Festival. The work is fully on voluntarily basis and no money, salary or incentives will be provided from DFF. To register as a volunteer the candidate must have recommendation letter from the educational institute in which he/she is studying.
What is the price for ‘winner short films’?

Top three short films will be awarded 3 lakh, 1 lakh & 50 thousand  respectively. After declaration on the awards, top 30 participants will be asked to submit fresh proposal for new short film. From newly submitted proposals top 5 proposals will be sponsored by 50 k each from DFF to make that short film.
All participants will receive a digital certificate on which summary of online viewers engagement will be displayed such as, views, comments, ratings, share & Popularity on DFF of that particular short film.