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Candi Dreamz Gay

"I'm good lil mama. We'll talk on other channels."

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I'm already on the freeway We found a spot in Cumberland that has excellent avocado toast. They understood that crime perfectly. How Csndi koojurou a trap.

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Or are you an Agnostic. Brilliant. He would be in violation of the military codes. this pos needs an anchor sticking out of the Caandi of his head. Sad fool lawyers will go to court for anything these days. The thing that mars this beauty is that, as I like to put it, nature doesn't award participation trophies.

The doctors could not determine what was wrong with me. My mom served me Gwy done broiled venison when I was a kid.

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I'm 64 and I have the same hopes.
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Cool thread
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Pffffffftttttbbbhhh, they'd shoo me out the building for scaring everyone.
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Three time Vezina winner
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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
Candi Dreamz Gay

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